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The Goad Motor Company

The Goad Motor Co. had a long line of dealerships in the Lone Star State and Dan Strohl at Hemmings Motors News has put together a very thorough post on the history of Company operations that includes many photos. His research has found that it appears Goad started operations in 1920 while located in Breckenridge, Texas. By 1927 the company had moved to San Antonio, and in 1949 established another location in Austin, Texas.

The company was a General Motors dealership and apparently started out selling the Buick and then moved on to handling the Oldsmobile and Cadillac. Check out the two salesroom shots below, the first contains a salesroom full of Cadillac cars along with an organ and flowers. The second photo below shows an Oldsmobile on top of rug, which appears to read “Rocket Engine Cars” that refers to Company’s powerful ohv-V-8 engine. Photos courtesy of The Portal to Texas History.


7 responses to “The Goad Motor Company

  1. FYI, a few of our readers noted that Goad also had a dealership in Corpus Christi, so my post perhaps wasn’t as thorough as we thought!

  2. The building is still there, 1295 West 6th Street Austin, Texas.
    I’m not sure how to link it but do a Google Street view.
    You can see in your photo that they could drive cars into the building on the second floor behind the showroom. I’m not sure if it was a service or just storage area.
    Had a colleage that worked in that space which are now offices and he told me the story, thought it was pretty cool. The dealership is now high end ladies clothing store.

    Thanks for the photos and info!

  3. Goad Motor Co. again! I just read about them last week in the Cadillac & LaSalle Club’s March 2012 “Self Starter.” Member Lou Commiso wrote an article about Elvis Presley’s white 1956 Cadillac Convertible, in which he revealed it was ordered through Goad Motor Co., a Texas-based regional distributor of Cadillac cars that also operated several dealerships. The order for the Elvis Eldorado came in through Goad’s San Antonio store and Lou Commiso reveals it was equipped with rare factory air conditioning and a special-order all-white leather interior. Elvis flew to Houston on June 12, 1956, with his then girl friend, June Juanico, to pick up his new Cadillac and drive it back to Memphis.

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