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A Producer-Gas Powered Car in London

This is one more version that we have shown here, of a car running on coal-gas generated by the device which the gentleman is filling up the overhead hopper of with coal. These generators have been used during war and hard times when gasoline has been in short supply or expensive. Two types have been used over the years, coal and wood-fired.

They work by partially combusting the fuel and producing a thick smoke. This smoke is then administered into the engine where it is then burned to release the left over energy in it. We have shown a Model T Ford truck, also in London, equipped with a similar device.

The car appears to be a 1929 Buick, and the caption of the 1939 press photo states the following; Mechanic filling tank with coal on what is believed to be the only privately owned auto to run regularly on coal-gas fuel. Just after the photo was taken the car left London for Wales. The Old Motor photo.  

4 responses to “A Producer-Gas Powered Car in London

  1. This Gas Generator which works (after a fashion) was widely used in German occupied Europe and was only fractionally better than nothing. I’ve talked with people after the war who knew this method and they told me that such a combustable gas was never up to a gradient of any kind so that you pushed as much as you rode.

  2. I think that the fuel was actually charcoal of the bricket sort as though you were going to grill something.

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