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  1. I bought Roy Morehead’s house in Aberdeen, but I didn’t live there during this period. This photo is on a poster inside that building today, now home to insurance and finance offices. Market Street was Auto Row at the time, but no car dealers there now, mostly banks. They sold Edsel here briefly and then back to Studebaker. That didn’t go very well. This building was used by a Plymouth dealer before Morehead.

  2. If the front right car is a rare ’55 Studebaker Speedster, I wonder what that front left car is in the photo? Anyone have any ideas, cause I sure can’t recognize it. Must be an old Studebaker of some sorts though.

    • Car in front of the Speedster is merely a ’55 Sedan. There were a wprld of difference between sedans and coupe/hardtops withe very few interchangeable body items,

  3. Although I wasn’t born until 1955 I grew up in Aberdeen. This building was a Dodge/Plymouth dealership from the early/mid 30’s until I think around 1950. For such a small area the car dealers thrived down there for a very long time. Ellison Pontiac, Ruddach Ford, Bigelow Chevrolet, Wasson Buick, Marabel Motors Volkswagen, many others, all part of the rich history of Grays Harbor which unfortunately has been forgotten these days and the area itself is in great distress.

    • I am searching for the family that owned or worked for Morehead motors in the 60’s. . Am doing a genealogy search and am particularly,looking for Wm W, Virginia, or Christine Marie Brennan. Christine was born in 1952 or 53 in Aberdeen. Any information that you might have would be greatly appreciated . Thank you.

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