Dexter Chevrolet Used Cars, Detroit 1958

This photo shows us a view of the Dexter Chevrolet used car sales lot at the corner of Burlingame St. and Livernois Ave. in Detroit, Michigan. The date is August 18, 1958, and it was taken by one of the Detroit area newspaper press photographers. The photo is very clear and in focus so be sure to check out all of the enlargements and identify as many of the cars as you can for us.

We cannot find a Dexter Chevrolet in Detroit anymore, but we have found a Dexter Chevrolet some 35-40 miles west of Detroit, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Can any of our readers tell us if this is the same Dexter Chevrolet? The Old Motor photo.


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  1. Justin Johnson says:

    I believe they are totally different, Dexter is also a small town located just outside AnnArbor and Dexter Chevrolet in Ann Arbor probably refers to their location. On a side note Dexter is/was also the name of an area of the city of Detroit at one time.

  2. Dexter is a street in northwest Detroit, formerly the center of the Jewish community. I think that Dexter Chevrolet moved from Dexter Ave to Eight Mile Rd. in the 1960s. It was owned by Joe Slatkin till he retired and Harrell took over.

  3. Bryan says:

    I love your challenges like this…google street view 11643 Livernois Avenue and you will see the garage is still there, now with a larger 3 bay building on the left. Still a car lot, repair facility.

  4. Andrew says:

    Neat to see this pic , I worked there in the service department after it became harrell chevrolet and then changed ownership again and was taken over by Fred Poe who owned gm dealer ships in flint as well.It was last known as west side chevrolet until closing for good in 1996.All the original buildings are still there ,the dealer was 3 blocks wide.

  5. Andrew says:

    these pics actually appear to have been taken at the 8 mile location

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