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Raymond Harroun

This is a very rare photo of Ray Harroun and his mechanic Harry Goetz in a Marmon. This photo appears to have been taken at the Speedway in Indianapolis in 1910. The first two years of activities at the track were a variety of shorter races with 1911 being the first 500 mile event. Harroun driving the Marmon Wasp, ended up being declared the winner two years later in the 1911 running, in a disputed finish with Ralph Mulford who drove a Lozier.

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  1. Early drivers had to support themselves in other ways, because racing didn’t pay enough to live on. Ray Harroun sold my grandmother, Emma Maisoll, a 1913 Premeir car at a Noblesville dealership. She said that he drove it out into the country to demonstrate, then had her drive back. I have photos of her driving that car to family outings at their cottage at Freeport and to Brown County State Park. She also drove it with a car load of nurses in the victory parade at the end of WWI. Her husband didn’t drive. My mother said that when the car was new, he cranked it to start , and dislocated his shoulder, so he never tried to drive it again.

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