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A Willys Overland Promotional Photo

The Revs Institute for Automotive Research sent us this photo which shows an inter-esting  promotional photo taken in what appears to be the early to mid 1920s. The scene is at the Boston Overland Company, located at 535 Commonwealth Ave. of what looks to be the start of a 125 hour endurance run  to promote the Overland. Endurance runs of this type were popular at the time as a way for dealership to get press coverage about the effort.

This run is similar to another set of interesting photos we have at an Overland dealership in Rutland, VT., taken at about the same time. We believe that both of these runs may have been possibly part of a bigger Overland Company promotion at the time. If any of ours readers can date the car in this post or add any more information about these runs, please send us a comment. Photo courtesy of The Revs Institute.


5 responses to “A Willys Overland Promotional Photo

  1. The Overland is a 1923 or 1924 Champion model. It is a three door sedan. These were built to compete with Model T Fords.

  2. I found a newspaper article with an ad from a local gas station in conjunction with a the Overland-Knight dealer. They ran a contest to guess the amount of fuel & gas the car would use on it’s journey. The winner with the closest guess won 75 gallons of gas! It says the “race” was from Sept. 29 to Oct. 06. The newspaper is The Springfield Leader {Springfield, Mo.} from Oct. 01 1924.

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