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Workers Loading Kegs at The Schmidt’s Brewery

This photo shows a crew of workers at the Schmidt’s brewery in Philadelphia, PA, loading wooden beer kegs on the back of an Autocar truck. The photo is interesting as this crew almost looks as though they were surprised by the photographer during their daily labor. Hopefully a reader can date the Auto-car so that we have a better idea when this photo was taken.


Schmidt’s was in operation in Philly from 1860-1987 when they closed it after over 125 years of having been an institution in the city. You can learn much more about the the Brewing Company and the city on a great site called PhilaPlace which has many more photos along with full details about the history of the brewery. Photos courtesy of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

2 responses to “Workers Loading Kegs at The Schmidt’s Brewery

  1. I found the same photo on the internet and it is labeled as a 1936 although “I can’t vouch for accuracy”.

  2. Nationwide Prohibition was in effect from 1920 to 1933. Cameras used by US Newspapers probably up to the 1950s were Speed Graphic 4″×5″ cut film, which gave a lot of detail. The truck could be Early 30s. End of Prohibition was quite an occasion, so could be as early as 1933. Picture could well have been taken in 1936, but why.

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