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*Update* A Parade during 1934 in Rochester New York

*Update* It turns out that the car was owned by Judge’s Ford in Rochester, NY. Thanks to Seldenguy from Leicester, NY. who has followed up with even more info about the Judge Motor Company in his comment below. Many thanks to both.

This photo originated out of an old  album from the Rochester, NY, area. The plates on the Model A Ford and the Miller look-a-like child’s car are both dated 1934.

This little car appears to be possibly powered by a small engine as what looks to be a  chain and sprocket can be seen in front of the rear tire. Can any of our readers ID who made this little car? The Old Motor photo.

26 responses to “*Update* A Parade during 1934 in Rochester New York

  1. I can’t help with the little car, but Judge’s Ford was an old line Ford dealer on Lake Ave., just a couple of blocks from the Kodak State St. offices, in Rochester. They lasted into the 1980’s as I recall. I have seen Model T fords with their trade mark slogan “good morning Judge” cast into the retainer nut on the steering wheel. I think this photo was taken on Main St. just west ot the Genesee river. That looks like the old Security Trust bank building, now long gone, replaced by the Riverside Convention Center.

  2. I have a tag frame with topper that say “GOOD MORNING JUDGE ” Could this be from this Dealership….Thanks

  3. Hi
    Is that dick stearns who played trumpet in Army
    Band possibly in 1950s?
    If so you gave your beloved trumpet to my dad mike
    Connolly in around 1980-81?
    If this rings a bell let me know

  4. My grandfather Kenneth Kregal worked for Judges as a secretary (about 1935) and worked his way up to being part owner and Vice President at the time of his death in 1973. Mr. Judge had no children and left the business to Ken and the other man may have been Bernie Shierman (?) I would love more information and photos. I have a photo of 15 of the employees probably taken in the 1950s or earlier because the men have wide, short ties and some are wearing white shoes. I’d love to share it and get names of the other men. None are listed. They are standing under a neon sign that says “Good Morning Judge”. I was in high school when Ken Kregal died and remember being in the building only twice. I didn’t even know he owned the dealership until 10 years ago!

  5. I bought my first Ford car at Judge’s Ford. It was a 1983 Ford Escort Station Wagon. I bought it from salesman Phil Santoro. He knew my parents, since they bought Country Squire station wagons from him for over 30 years. along with Grand Torinos, Ford LTDII, and a Maverick.

    • I remember it very well. Have several photos. My father sold it to Fred Walker in 1965.
      I am the grandson of the founder. Opened in 1929.

      • My great uncle (grandfather’s brother) Floyd Ward sold cars at Archer Motors and was a justice-of-the -peace in a nearby town, perhaps Brighton. He had been a car salesman of another car company before moving to Archer, but that company went belly-up very early in its history. All records of the company were destroyed in a fire.

        • I remember Floyd Ward. I also remember his daughter, Mary Ward, who was my music teacher at Allen Creek School. Mr Ward worked for my grandfather and father at Archer Motors , later Archer Ford. We have some photos of Mr. Warfare the dealership in the early 50’s.

  6. I bought my first new car from Judge’s in the winter of 1974. It was a basic Pinto and sold for $2499 as it was advertised in the newspaper. Judge has several Pintos at this price. I picked the blue one. It was a very reliable car and we sure got our money’s worth…traded it in for a Monte Carlo in 1980.

  7. I think my Dad may have worked at Archer’s but not sure of the year- maybe early 50’s. Anyway, I thought I remembered a Judges sign on Monroe Ave. Am I wrong? My Dad was Al McGlynn.

  8. I worked at Fred Walker Ford on Monroe Ave circa 1975. My dad Howard “Howie” Thompson was parts manager there.

    I took many trips to Judges to pick up remanufactured parts from there. I remember riding in the stake truck up to the second floor!

    • My father and grandfather ( Gene and Victor Barringer) ran the remanufactured parts division of Judges. I too remember as a boy riding up the wood floored ramp to the second floor. Many nice memories there.

  9. Does anyone remember the first name of “Mr. Judge?” My dad always bought his Fords at Judges and had all his service done there. He got his first license to drive from the salesman who sold him his first car. I recall a 1940 4 door V-8, a 1953 Custom 6 2-door and a 4-door Falcon in his lifetime when I was there.

    • Joseph J. Judge died April 24, 1968 and left 64 shares of Judge Motor Corp. stock to my grandfather Ken Kregal. When my grandfather died in 1973 the stock was sold back to Judge Motor Corp. by my grandmother who received $31K and then received $20,000/year for 15 years. My grandfather was a Sales Supervisor from 1934-1954 when he became Secretary/Treasurer until 1971 when he became Vice President of Judge’s from 1971-1793. Mr. Judge’s name is listed in a brochure for the 1967 Rochester Auto Show.


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