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Mr. and Mrs. Rogers ham it up in Daytona. The car is a 1907 Stanley model EX (10hp), and note it has two plates. There is a Florida plate hanging on the front axle, and a Mass Auto Register plate that has actually been bent to conform to the bonnet – no small feat given how meaty those plates were (but then, Mr. Rogers took on ‘gators).

2 responses to “Snowbirds?

  1. Those were the days before reciprocity. If you drove your car in more than one state you needed to register in all of them. It was common in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area for cars to have three sets of plates. These folks were obviously early snowbirds.

  2. Kelly Williams, tireless keeper of the Stanley register, has done some more digging and believes Mr. Rogers was an officer in the Millers Falls Tool Company.

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