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The Mamer & Neuhauser Cakes, Model T Ford Semi

This a very interesting rig which little is known about its back ground or who made the trailer. The Model T  Ford is a 1915 or 1916 that has been converted into trucking duties by the removal of the rear body section and a conversion to semi-elliptic rear springs.

The trailer is a dandy, being finely crafted with an attractive form, carrying windows in the front, a center door and a van styled rear. Note the two sets of fenders on the trailer, the hard rubber tires, fine sign painting and the kerosene lantern mounted to the rear of the van body. This interesting photo comes to us courtesy of Alden Jewell.


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  1. As the previous comment noted, this looks like an early adaptation of the fifth wheel, which was developed for automotive use in 1911 by Charles H. Martin. Martin formed the Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel Co. to produce the device, and the three-wheeled Knox-Martin Motor Truck was the first semi-tractor to use it. Fifth wheels began appearing on Model T Fords shortly afterwards, and the first Freuhauf trailers were pulled by these Model T fifth wheel conversions. This particular trailer may have been a horse-drawn bakery wagon prior to being converted to a truck trailer, which would explain the forward-facing windows and front fenders. By the way, Charles Martin was responsible for a great number of automotive innovations during his long career. He was also president of Martin Motor Company, which he established in Springfield, Massachusettes in 1921, in order to manufacture the Scootamobile. Martin believed the cyclecar companies of the previous decade had been unable to compete with the Model T because their spindly products were too long and too similar to one another, so he introduced the two-passenger, 150-pound Scootamobile motorized arm chairs, which featured tiller steering and three wheels. At least four prototype variations were built. Because the Martin Motor Company name is so similar to Martin Motors, which was established by Captain James V. Martin for sales of his 60-inch wheelbase 1930 Dart cars in Washington, D.C., many automotive historians have incorrectly credited the Scootamobile to James Martin.

  2. A wonderful image, David. The window at the front of the trailer makes me wonder if maybe it was originally a horse drawn unit that got converted for use with the new fangled Ford, like much fire equipment was at the dawn of the last century.

  3. My grandfather and my dad both ran Mamer’s bakery. My dad was in Streator, Illinois and he just passed at 90/ My grandfather Homer mamer had a bakery in Moline or Rock Island Illinois where was this picture taken? Any information would be appreciated.
    Thanks Jim Mamer East Peoria, IL

    • My great uncle’s name was Neuhauser This is the first time ‘Ive ever seen that name attached to anything outside his family. Can you provide any family lineage? My great grandfather was Frederick Neuhauser from Kentucky and worked on one of the railroads in Louisville KY. Thank you.
      Amy Burris

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