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Roamer Touring Car of the Kasemann Midget Troupe

Thanks to HBK1955 we have this splendid photograph of his father, Hans Kasemann, and family with their Roamer automobile.  The Roamer, built in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has been the subject of prior posts on The Old Motor, including this one featuring a 1921 touring similar to the Kasemanns’ car.  Mr. Kasemann, who is seated behind the wheel, came to the US from Germany well before this car was built, and was quite involved with Vaudeville. He toured with the Kasemann Midget Troupe, in a vehicle we are hoping a reader can identify.

The Roamer appears to be wearing a 1926 N.Y. State license plate and has had a fair share of miles on it, as the paint looks very dull and also note the bald tire. Check out the shoes on the man sitting on the running board, as they have the look that they could have possibly have performed that day. It also has what might be the largest pair of beveled-glass wind-wings known to man. They appear to be a foot wide by close to two feet tall.

There is a very good chance this Roamer has one of the famous and powerful Rochester Duesenberg engines under the hood. You can also see two pages of rare Roamer photos from the Fred Roe Collection, here on our pages.

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