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A. W. Blanchard’s Garage and Sales

This is the first in a series of very special photos made available to us by a special arrangement with Steve Blanchard whose relative, A.W. Blanchard, ran a garage and dealership at 101 Liberty St, Brooklyn, NY. We will be showing many more photos in the future but have started with this impressive display of Fiats, possibly at the 23rd Regiment Armory, on Bedford St, in Brooklyn. The firm was in this auto show during 1911 and 1912 and also sold the Herreshoff and the Oldsmobile at about the same time.

The photo was taken by E. A. Waterman whose label on the back of this photo and others usually states:  E. A. Waterman of 884 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Photographer – photographs taken of any thing, anywhere, terms very reasonable. Phone 4704 W. Prospect.

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  1. Some guesswork here but I reckon this photo dates from 1912. The bigger car looks to be an American-built FIAT Tipo 56 (the six cylinder model that was not built in Italy) –,8744/1913-Fiat-Tipo-56_photo.aspx – although on that page the specifications are all wrong, the Tipo 56 engine was around 500 cid. The smaller limousine on the left could be a 15/20hp Tipo 2 imported from Italy – It might even be a Tipo 1 which was basically the same chassis but with the smaller 10/15hp engine.

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