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Two Gents, a Trophy and a Buick in Rome, New York

As with many old photos unfortunately, the details for this one are lost with time. Not much is known about this photo, other than the car is a Buick and the photo was taken in front of the old high school in Rome, N.Y. Both men certainly look to be happy and very interested in the trophy. It appears it may have been a very hot day, judging by the two panels of the windshield being opened to the horizontal.

We will let the our readers date the Buick, and if anyone knows any of the details about the men and the trophy, please let us know. Photo courtesy of Edward Fiore.

6 responses to “Two Gents, a Trophy and a Buick in Rome, New York

  1. I am fairly sure this is a 1916 BuickD-44 roadster although it looks to be on unusually small wheels. The standard size was 34 x 4 but here in NZ they were also available on beaded edge (clincher to you) tyres in both 875 x 105 (close to the 34 x 4 size – a 26″ rim) and also on 815 x 105 (which is closer to a 32 x 4 – a 24″ rim). This car looks to be on the smaller size wheels. It has the headlights in yokes which suggests it is an early production car – probably built in mid-1915. Most D-series Buicks have the headlights mounted on a cross bar.

    • This is a very early DXL44…this is an export left hand drive model, flat mudgaurds fork mounted headlights also note there is no spare wheel mounted on the rear, I think it will also have a rear mounted removeable trunk lid not top mounted on the rear deck as in most of the same model
      The export parts box for this models lists both styles it will also have clincher wheels with 815×105 beaded edge tyres

  2. My thought is that the car is a ’15 C34, the 5″ stroke four. I would need to check my literature which is not here with me. I don’t think the hood is long enough to house a six.


  3. All of the photos I have found of 1915 C36s and C37s show them having the 1914 style bodies – particularly the top edge of the doors which are horizontal whereas this car has the more flowing style of the 1916 cars.
    Note the style of the 1916 type from this picture – – which is obviously not a coupe. I think this one – – which is captioned as a B55 is actually a C36. There is a 1915 roadster on this page –
    On this page is a type 44 roadster dated as 1915 but is actually a 1916 model – and has the later 1916 style headlight mounts.
    In my searching I found this one – – identified as a D44 but the body styling says it is a 1915 car, either a C24 or C36. I can sort that one.
    From the pictures I have seen, the C36 uses a straight front axle where the smaller C24 uses an axle with a dip in it.

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