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The Larz Anderson 1907 Fiat Tipo 50/60, a treasure headed to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Two weeks ago we informed you about how the Larz Anderson Auto Museum needs the help of our readers, friends and car clubs worldwide. One of the crown jewels from the Larz Anderson Collection has been invited to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to take part in a large assemblage of cars by the automaker Fiat. The Italian car company, has been chosen as one of the featured marques this year and the Larz Anderson Fiat will be one of the center pieces that will be shared with car enthusiasts and collectors world-wide.

This Fiat Tipo 50/60 is a very large six-cylinder of 674 c.i. (11+liters) and is one of 116 built between 1907-1908. It is a very large car with custom Quinby coach work (the hood is four feet long) and it features double-chain-drive on a 139″ w.b. It is believed to be the only surviving example.


This will be our first fund raiser here on The Old Motor to help out America’s oldest car museum (our second will be to help the McPherson College Restoration program). Like many museums, they rely on donations from the public to carry out their mission. We hope this will be only the first round of fund raising to help form a preservation fund that can be used to take care of the needs of the core “Larz Anderson collection” of rare and early vehicles. These masterpieces were first shared with the public when the Anderson’s opened their carriage house to tours of it’s “ancient vehicles” in 1927. In a previous post you can read and see photos of the official opening of the Museum in 1949.


The seven thousand mile transport of the car has already been taken care of by a donation. To kick off the preservation fund, The Old Motor has transported it to our workshop, from Brookline, MA, and will also take it to the shipper that will haul it to Pebble Beach. We are also going to prepare it for the long journey and take care of the many other details that need to be attended to on the car before it departs.

The tires on this car are from the period and badly age cracked and quite fragile. We are in the process of taking off and saving the old tires (details soon) and will be installing new fresh clincher tires (beaded edge), flaps and tubes for the journey. This is being undertaken out of concern for the well being of the car while in transit, as an enclosed transport trailer can get quite hot inside and we are concerned about tire blowouts and failure. If a tire blows out, the tie-down straps will loosen up and the car will start to rock back and forth, with the possibility of damage resulting to it.

A tire, tube and flap for one wheel, being clinchers, or as they are also called, beaded edge, are quite expensive costing about $500+ shipping. The Old Motor will be buying one complete tire unit, along all of the work to change the tires and to prepare the car. We are going to be asking your help, for whatever amount you feel you can donate to help the Larz Anderson with to fund the other four tires.

Your donation can go directly to them to help pay for the tires the tires. You can mail in a donation to them anytime (label it “Preservation Fund”). We will also let you know as soon as they have their new easier and secure credit card system set up for your convenience. In the meantime send us a comment with the amount that you are willing to pledge to help out with (we will keep it anonymous if you request it) .

The Old Motor will also be sharing with you all of the work to get it ready for the long trip, along with many more photos and details of this rare treasure very soon.

If you and the rest our worldwide audience are willing to help out the Larz Anderson, the next step step in the future, will be to possibly get this sleeping giant (last used in 1919) running and operable. This will be an incredibly interesting endeavor that will be shared with all.

11 responses to “The Larz Anderson 1907 Fiat Tipo 50/60, a treasure headed to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

  1. I can’t wait to see this car back running, I own a 1908 6 cylinder double chain drive Fiat with a Quimby body that has been in our family since 1950. We have used our Fiat years as our primay tour car. Not enough is know about these early Fiats and only a handful are left.

  2. Hi David,
    I will be emailing the Preservation Fund to donate $250. Thanks for your efforts to help expose this amazing historic document to a wider audience.
    Paul Russell

  3. It is critical to Talcom powder ( J & J baby powder without starch) the tubes, flaps, and casings prior to installation on this FIAT. Also – no stickers on any of the parts (best way to guarentee a blow out is to accidentally leave a sticker on a tire casing or ….. And people may tell you that they do not need to do this, but they are they do not tour cross country.

  4. Hi, have you contacted Longstone Classic Tyres, they may be able to help out re. the price of beaded edge tyres

  5. I know you have arranged transport, but with which carrier? I often ship cars across country and when as fragile as this I have always been able to secure a climate controlled truck. They use these to transport the clay prototypes may manufauters create to prevent the clay from “melting”.

    • Good idea about the air-conditioned transport.I never knew that manufacturers would move their clay models. The Fiat is being moved by Classic Car Carrier, Inc. a trusted firm that moves all of the Indianapolis Speedways cars.Ed Dalton who runs the company, is a great guy and always does a wonderful and careful job.The speedway will sends Ed off with a trailer full of racing cars from the IMS Museum, along with the Borg Warner trophy on occasion.

  6. I too am taking a FIAT to Pebble Beach. It’s a 1911 Tipo “6” demi Tonneau, 4 cylinder, chain drive. I’ve heard about the Larz Anderson FIAT for many years, and now I have a chance to see it. Look forward to seeing you there.

    • Hi Alan,
      I’m interested in the driver or your car.
      I’m trying to determine if the William Wallace from the Vanderbilt Races was the same William Wallace as the Fairmont driver – who drove a Palmer-Singer. The latter is a relative of mine.
      Any info is welcome.

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