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The Detroit News Trucks

Here are a pair of General Motors Trucks the were owned by The Detroit News, which has a long history after being started in 1873. The top photo is of a mobile radio truck with a very interesting sign mounted over the wind-shield. The truck also appears to have a generator on board and down the side it is lettered; Special Feature Service, Radio Mobile Unit. The the mid 1930s truck was photographed on Aug. 21, 1947.

The truck below was part of the fleet that was used for delivering the newspaper in bulk. It was photographed closer to when in was built on Feb. 18, 1936. Reader FLM Ridste has identified the truck as a Reo. Photos courtesy of  Benjamin Ames.

13 responses to “The Detroit News Trucks

  1. If I was a betting man, I’d guess that WWJ is a radio station and that the Detroit News radio truck represents some sort of promotional tie-in.
    Not my town, so I don’t know any particulars but that’s what Google is for

  2. Nice trucks, but you really need to see “Detroit Times Bundle Truck”
    it has been featured in many articles and also on speedvision videos at
    Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village . Historicaly important
    The Last Detroit Times Bundle Truck…..

    • Thanks it has been in our family since
      1952 it has been filmed at The Henry
      Ford Museum/ Green Field Village
      In Dearborn Michigan john p

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