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Don’t mess with us, we got a Stutz

This is another photo, that the circumstances behind why it was taken are lost to history. The only clues are the photo originated in Texas and the man standing on the steps at the far left of the photo, is identified  as Bill Dannelly. The scene appears to have something possibly to do with a court or a law enforcement agency.

What we do know is that the car in a fine Stutz Bearcat that was probably built in 1913. The fifteen in side a of square may mean something or perhaps this Bearcat also was used as a racing car? If any of our knowledgeble readers can add anymore to this mystery please send us a comment. You can also visit with the Stutz Club. The Old Motor photo.

One response to “Don’t mess with us, we got a Stutz

  1. What a wonderful photo, but I don’t think the story is lost to history – not entirely at least! I work for the Texas Historical Commission and have spent many hours staring at historic photos like this trying to ferret out critical information. You photo is new to me but I recognized its similarity to another historic image of which we have a scan. The location is the Jim Hogg County Courthouse in Hebbronville, Texas.

    Our photo, which appears to have been taken on the same date and at the exact same location, is labeled “First jury to serve the new Jim Hogg County”. Our image is of a group of people standing on these same steps and does not show the Stutz, but the three persons seen standing in the back row of your image are likewise seen standing in the background in ours. The Jim Hogg County Courthouse was completed in 1913, so the photos are likely from that year as well.

    We have another photo of the courthouse that may also have been taken on the same date that shows the full building from the side, with two unidentified automobiles in the street outside. This photo is labeled “The just finished county courthouse of Jim Hogg County.”

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