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Doctor of Motors, Allentown, Pennsylvania

This circa 1930 press photo comes without any information other than it was located in Allentown, PA. and the business might have been named Smith & B_ _ _. We are going to leave the fun of the ID of the car up to you readers.

A couple of interesting things we did notice are, one it appears to be equipped with General Jumbo accessory wheel and tires. Number two is, it appears to be equipped with Woodlights as you can see a horizontal seam like they feature on the side of the lamp body. Could the cowl lamps possibly be the smaller Woodlamps?

Our “Doctor of Motors” is working with a fairly deluxe electrical-tune-up test machine, which even has a separate distributor testing and calibration machine on the right hand side. A couple of other things to note, are the overhead sign and the Goodyear tire advertisement with a man and a steam train on it. The Old Motor photo.


10 responses to “Doctor of Motors, Allentown, Pennsylvania

  1. I live in Allentown, but was born in 1950, but I would assume this is from the former Smith & Peiffley I will forward this to others who volunteer with me at America On Wheels museum to see if they can give me more information.

  2. A friend who knows Smith & Peiffley does not recognize this view. He stated that S&P was mainly a Goodyear dealer. He felt that the dashboard of the car resembles a Lincoln of the period, but could not ID the car either.

  3. The car is a 31/32 Chrysler from the shape of the hood louvers, hood latch location, emergency brake handle and dash. The higher end models like the Imperial CG and CL had two large gauges in the middle (speedo and tach) so it’s probably one step below those, but still an amazing car. Great photo!

  4. I also think it’s a Chrysler and it has Jumbo style Goodyear Air Wheel tyres, which were optional on the eight cylinder Chryslers.

  5. Looking more closely this is Smith & Peiffly. The coat of the technician has the “fly” of the name as well as the winged foot of Goodyear and the “R” of the same. Thanks for a great local photo. It would be great to have a copy of this for the archives at Allentown’s America on Wheels Museum.

  6. I agree that has to be Smith & Peiffly. Our Buick dealership was a customer of theirs for decades. They were an AC/Delco distributor / jobber. They also repaired speedometer clusters, generator /alternators, starters and the like.

    It was a great company to do business with.!

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