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Peter Toresani, Stockton California metal magician

The other day we did a post on Peter Toresani with a photo dated 1910. The photo above is 18 years later and shows him with his 1914 Fiat. After having read the press clippings about this accomplished metal worker and having studied the details on the body on his Fiat, we are left with the feeling that this body may have been one of his creations.

Below are three cartoons from Stockton, CA. area newspapers all done by the artist Ralph Yardley. Photos and cartoons courtesy of Keith Canouse.


4 responses to “Peter Toresani, Stockton California metal magician

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  2. Just for fun I googled my grandfather’s name today because I sold an old guitar of his on eBay and I found your site. What a wonderful tribute to Peter Toresani. Thank you so much. If you would ever want more pictures/ articles about him let me know. He had a huge collection of just about everything. So many items that with my brother, we needed to give some things away and sell some on eBay for those collectors who would appreciate the items. He was an artist in every sense of the word. Thanks again

  3. I.m looking for more of Ralph Yardley’s editorial cartoon. Vic Peirano, who later owned the Toresani Body Shop did a lot of repairs for me..Was Vic a relative?

  4. I have a booklet of Yardley cartoons, but nothing on Toresani. I worked in the garage as a teenager in the 1940s and have fond memories of my days there.

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