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“A real grown-up car” The 1958 Goggomobil Royal T100

The copy that some writers can come up with to describe a car at times is quite creative. In Europe and the UK, small cars were a necessity of the times and the following is what was used by a newspaper writer to describe this 1958 Goggomobil in a British newspaper: The new Goggomobil Royal T100 was shown in London today. The new car is a real grown-up car with a big luggage boot and comfortable passenger compartment with seating for four-passengers and a wrap-around windscreen. It has a 2-cylinder 4-stroke O.H.V. horizontally opposed engine with twin carburetors.

The reality is that the Goggomobil was a German microcar built after WWII by Hans Glas in Bavaria. The first production model the T 250, came out in 1955 with a 250cc twin. The car featured an electric pre-selector transmission equipped with a manual clutch. Later models had 300 and 400 cc engines. If you have any interest in microcars check out the Microcar Museum, to see their 1960 Royal Goggomobile, along with many other microcars, all of which are quite interesting. The Old Motor photo.

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