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What Is Oldfield Posing In?

Here is a photo of publicly hound Barney Oldfield posing for the press in an impressive looking roadster. I have been studying this photo for days on and off trying to place the maker of this fine looking automobile. Based on the steering wheel, quadrant and column along with the emergency brake handle construction I have eliminated quite a few possibilities.

Do any of our readers have a photo of the whole car so that we can conclusively unravel this mystery?

2 responses to “What Is Oldfield Posing In?

  1. What is Barney posing in? I think it could be a Benz roadster. There is a picture of Barney sitting in a Benz with baseball player Ty Cobb on page 205 of ‘Old Motor’ magazine dated March-April 1972. It is not the same car but has many similarities in particular the cowl design, position of side lamps, steering wheel, steering drive side, outside control levers and ignition advance lever. I am unsure of the copyright situation of this picture but will email a scan if you send me an email address.

    • This is Barney’s 1908 Prince Henry Benz. I believe that it is the same car as the one in the Ty Cobb photo. It is just slightly modified.

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