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A Fallon, Nevada Street Scene

The small city of Fallon, is located in western Nevada and is primarily an agricultural community on highway US 50, a trans-continental route. The principal crops are alfalfa and Fallon Heart O’ Gold cantaloupes, grown on approximately 50,000 acres in the area.

All that agricultural work must have made the locals thirsty and hungry as we see the Barrel-House Bar & Cafe the local watering hole serving Blatz beer, prominently shown in the postcard photo. Out front we see a mid-1930s Packard sedan along with an assortment of what appear to be pre-war cars and trucks parked in the city. Photo courtesy of  Bob Zimmerman.

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  1. I went to this city in 1978 to pick up an old 1939 Chevy 4 door Master Deluxe that had been sitting in an old garage since the early 1950s. I could not believe that town compared to where I drove from which was Los Angeles.

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