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The early Glidden Tours and post war reenactments

The famous early Glidden Tours were a test of man and machine and the photos shown here of an early tour, courtesy of the Benjamin Ames collection, show us some interesting scenes. The Southern Ontario Region of the HCCA has recently started posting some of over 100 photos from the 1955 and 1958 Glidden Tour reenactments on their blog. In addition to the Glidden photos, they regularly feature period pre-1916  photos, with an excellent example shown at the (bottom) of a 1910 Sellers 35 in Hutchinson, Kansas.


The Horseless Carriage Club Of America is also another great resource for early car enthusiasts, with classified ads, a calender and tech articles. The Horseless Carriage Foundation Automotive Research Library also features access to a huge selection of early periodicals, all of which have been digitized. More Glidden Tour photos can be seen here on The Old Motor.

6 responses to “The early Glidden Tours and post war reenactments

  1. My 1912 Model T was restored just in time for the 1950 Glidden Tour by Elmer Bemis of Brattleboro, Vt. the restoration sill looks good today. There was a nice feature on the Tour in the Bulb Horn a few months later. If I had the time I’d like to find out were all the cars on that Tour are today. Bob

  2. David–thank you for mentioning our Glidden photos. We hope that some of the cars and people will be recognized and communicated back to us.

    Bob–did you also participate in the 1955 or 1958 Gliddens? I featured a 1912 T on the main page a couple of days ago.

    Thank you both for sharing.

  3. Hi David, These pictures are from the 1909 Glidden tour. Obviously the large one up first is of a Pierce-Arrow and the small picture on the left is an Acme. The large touring car in the center picture (#99) was one of the official cars and I believe it’s a Premier. The #105 car in the right picture is a Chalmers-Detroit. Number 111 behind it is a Jewel. Great pictures.

  4. Apparently one of the tours in the late 40s or 50 s went through Ohio. The participants were given Gulf credit cards. Many stopped at my dad’s gas station in Twinsburg Ohio. He remembers talking to the drivers. Does anyone know the year of that tour.

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