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A Fifties Food Fair

This photo taken on March, 28, 1957, is a bit of a mystery as to its location. There is only a partial press release with the photo, but it does tell us that it was on the Gulf Coast Highway.

The photo seems to show us the traffic caused when the Food Fair opened up and a traffic snarl ensued. Can our knowledgeable readers pinpoint exactly where this may have been? Photo courtesy of Benjamin Ames.

3 responses to “A Fifties Food Fair

  1. Posted for, Vale Tim Fillmon, The truck stating City Fuel Oil makes me lean toward Pinellas County since there was a City Fuel Oil Co. there. Additionally, there was a Food Fair Shopping Center on US 19 (Gulf Coast Highway) in St. Petersburg at 30 Ave N. The present day Big Lots still uses the original roadside sign. When this store turned into Pantry Pride, their emblem was in the middle of the vertical pieces in the arch on the building.

  2. Wish I’d read Vale’s comment before I spent time searching this. I agree with him, most likely US 19 and 30th Ave in St. Pete. I do remember the guy who owned City Fuel Oil was in Civitan with my dad and they serviced our home, but can’t remember his name or what became of the company.

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