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An Early French Postcard

A French motorcycle pictured on a board track postcard, which was postmarked 1904.  A la Sortie du Virage translates to “at the exit of a turn”. I do not know if the French raced motorcycles this early or if this was a pacing machine for bicycles.

Regardless it appears to be a very advanced machine for the time, but the French were one of the true pioneers in motoring. Many of our automobile companies in this country at the dawn of motoring, recruited French engineers for their advanced knowledge on the subject.

One response to “An Early French Postcard

  1. The rider is Henri Cissac who later set a record at the Brighton Speed Trials in the UK. On that occasion he used a Peugeot V twin but this doesn’t look like the same bike. The cylinder heads are more reminiscent of American engines, Harley, Indian etc.

    Dave A.

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