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The French Grand Prix at Dieppe

A celebration of the French Grand Prix is being held this weekend at Dieppe, France, where it was first held in 1906. In honor of it we have a fine photo courtesy of  Mercedes Benz, of the 1908 Mercedes that Christian Lautenschlager drove to victory in the 1908 running of the race, where the German cars took the first three positions. Check out the very good film of the 1908 French GP by Shell (some of the footage is a bit later).

Stefan Marjoram produced this great drawing (below) and reports the following: “Today we set off for Dieppe. They’ll be celebrating the Grand Prix which was first held there in 1907. I’ll be a passenger in a Monarch GP – chain drive, V8 Curtiss aero engine, no windscreen – it’ll be amazing. Hoping to get lots of sketching and photoing done too. Salut maintenant!”

We will keep our eyes open for more Marjoram’s photos and sketches at the vintage event. In the meantime you can see his other work at

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  1. I have known this car for over 30 plus years it is the first car that I “tried” to crank or swing. I love the photo of this car on the back of the AA Ford truck tied down with rope from 1939.

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