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Mont Ventoux Hill Climb

Mont Ventoux Hill Climb was a car and motorcycle race course near Avignon in south eastern France. The course for the Mont Ventoux Hill Climb started from the village of Bedoin and rises 5,289 feet for 13.4 miles to the observatory at the summit. It was run most years until 1973. There appears to not have been another one run until the last when a shortened version of the course was used in 1976.

Can anyone from abroad with a knowedge of either of these vehicles enlighten us about them?

2 responses to “Mont Ventoux Hill Climb

  1. Hi,
    The first picture show Gasté with his Rossel (august 21, 1910). He drove the same car at Gaillon (another famous french hill climb) the next year.
    The second picture show Aubert on a Cottin-Desgouttes (I don’t known when).

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