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Mercer motorcars gathered at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

At the recent Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, there was a wonderful feature class and reunion of twelve Mercer automobiles. They ranged from two early 1910 Model 30 cars, a Roadster and a Touring Car, four Model 35 T-head Raceabouts and a Model 45 racing car. The later machines were represented by three of the later L-head Raceabouts, one L-head touring car and a 1931 Mercer Prototype Show Car.

Above is a group photograph showing the seven 1910-1914, early cars (camera shy was Fred Hoch’s Model 30 Touring Car). At the very (bottom) is a photo of three of the four cylinder l-heads. Just about all of the Mercers participated in the 70-mile, Pebble Beach Tour on Thursday, where we first drove inland and through the hills of the Monterey Peninsula and then down the coast to Big Sur and back, which was spectacular journey. I was fortunate to be able to drive the ex Peter Helck – Freeman raceabout on the tour.

First in class in the Mercer Group in the Concours, went to the 1913 Mercer 35-J Raceabout, Ray Scherr. Second in Class, to the 1931 Prototype Show Car, Dave & Denice Sanders and Third in Class to the 1925 Mercer Series Raceabout, Johnny & Christine Crowell.


Left to right (above); A 1910 Model 30 Roadster, Fred Hoch, a 1912 Model 35-C Raceabout, Stan Lucas, a 1913 Model 35-J Raceabout, Ken & Sharon Gooding.


Left to right (above); A 1913 Model 35-J Raceabout, Ray Scherr, a 1914 Model 45 Race Car, George Wingard, a 1914 Model 35-J Raceabout, Joseph & Cynthia Freeman.


Left to right (above); A 1918 Series 4 Raceabout, Corkey Coker, a 1921 Series 5 Raceabout, Stan Lucas, a 1925 series 6 Raceabout, Johnny & Christine Crowell and at the (top) of the photo (below) a 1915 22-70 Sporting Touring Car, Richard C. Colyear & Andrew W. Edmonds.

Photos courtesy of  Steve Natale of GMSports and Tim Scott-Fluid Images – Sports Car Digest.

6 responses to “Mercer motorcars gathered at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

  1. What a fine collection on MERCER automobiles! There are several that I’ve never seen, the ride along the Pacific Coast Highway in a MERCER has to be a lifetime highlight. Bob

  2. What is the explanation for why so few cars made the trip I wonder? A fair representation of T-Head cars, but only two L-head raceabouts? There were many more cars at the 100th reunion which must’ve been the same travel distance for many participants, with no prestige at stake for their troubles. Seems odd that the field was so thin.

  3. Can you tell me if Charles Bigelow placed at the Indianapolis Moor Speedway in 1912? I believe he was driving the Winkler Special? Thanks.

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