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A press photo of a press photographers, Ford two-door sedan

We post many press photos here on The Old Motor and this photo in particular is interesting to us, because it shows a press photo of a young press photographer in his mid 1950s Ford sedan. We do not have any information about the photo, other than the Ford was registered in Illinois and the license plate is dated 1962.

Since you, our loyal readers know so much more about post war cars than we do, tell us all about this Ford and bonus points go to anyone that can also ID the camera on the dash. Also while you are pursuing the photo, check out the the small warning light on the roof.  Photo courtesy of Benjamin Ames.

7 responses to “A press photo of a press photographers, Ford two-door sedan

  1. David, I’m pretty sure the 312 had a fender emblem that was sort of a jet looking one with “Thunderbird” and the V8 logo inside of it, so it’s probably a 272 or 292. Can’t tell what the thing on the roof might be, but it has a cord going into the car, so perhaps it’s some sort of a flasher? The car’s left rear shows some pretty decent dents in it. Looks to have been driven hard and put away wet.

    • You are correct. My first car was a ’56 Customline Ranch Wagon with the ‘Thunderbird 312’ engine.
      The 312 fender emblem was a stylized bird’s head and wing (sort of) and was inscribed ‘Thunderbird.’ There was a miniature rendition of the ‘Y- Block v8’ emblem within the ‘bird.’

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