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A very distintive Phianna Touring Car

By Tim Martin:

The Phianna was a short lived quality car built between 1916 and 1922, and was successor to the S.G.V. which we have looked at before.  Production was limited, and by 1919 the car’s look had changed to eliminate hood louvers and employ a radiator with an angular look as seen with this particular Phianna.  By then, production had moved from Newark, NJ, to Long Island City, NY.  The 60″ cantilever rear springs must surely have contributed to a comfortable ride, and the look of the car’s front end, especially with the hexagonal head-lights, gave this rare vehicle a unique overall appearance. Photo courtesy of Prewar Walt.


The first two articles (above) from The Automobile Magazine, dated Jan. 4, 1917, tell about the Phianna at its introduction at the New York Salon. The last article on the right , from Automobile Topics on Jan. 7, 1917, also describes the Phianna at the same show. (Below) is a period illustration showing the very unusual transmission, rear spring and torque arm details on the Phianna.

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