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1936 Ford Tudor Sedan and that new car feeling

Ahh….That new car feeling, unless you have bought a new car it is hard to explain how nice it is to drive off the lot in a new vehicle. We do not know much more about the scene other than that it is a 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan and it was probably taken in Oklahoma. The posed (possibly a press) photo shows the salesman handing over the keys. Photo Courtesy of the Donald Ellis collection.

Below is a silent 1936 Ford film called “Judge For Yourself”, a production used for training in Ford dealerships, in it you can learn much more about the every popular car and you can see all it here.

2 responses to “1936 Ford Tudor Sedan and that new car feeling

  1. The dealership is Fred Jones in Oklahoma City. I’m not sure if the gentleman with Brylcreemed hair is not Fred Jones himself.

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