A Very Accomplished Man

The car Fithan is in above appears to possibly be an Overland Speedster, c.1913 which was actually a 30 HP car and I assume it should read 50 mph+ on the card. Read the amazing story about Frank E. Fithen at this link.

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  1. Dan Woolf says:

    I don’t think this is an Overland. The bottom of the raditor is not shaped like an Overland, the radiator spout is not an oval shape, there is no Overland radiator badge and the hood has louvers. Also, the crank handle should have metal supports that attach to the front frame horns.

  2. Ian Hayhurst says:

    I agree with Dan’s points, and also notice the unusual front axle drop. Overland’s drop is more rounded and centered. Fender shape is similar to Overland, but I think the running boards are too short. All that said, it’s a fascinating photo. Have I seen this gentleman with a customized Model T as well?

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  5. Juan Carlos Fernández says:


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