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We Know….You Tell Us

The staff here at The Old Motor spends many hours finding some of the most interesting photos available anywhere for your viewing pleasure.

We would like you, the readers to tell us what is wrong with this picture?

11 responses to “We Know….You Tell Us

  1. That Chevy Bel Air does look to be inside a GM facility. It sure is cleaner than any service or repair shop I’ve ever seen. The idea of a styling review for ’56 makes sense and the generic wheel covers seem consistent with that.
    I like that convertible top!

  2. Since commenting on this photo yesterday, I confirmed that this does show styling detail changes from the ’55 to ’56 Bel Air model. Interestingly, this was close to the end of Harley Earl’s reign as head of GM styling. According to Michael Lamm and Dave Holls in “A Century of Automotive Style”, Earl lost his touch when car styling went edgier and sharper from ’58 onward, and that’s when Bill Mitchell carried on. We’ll probably never know if Earl looked at the styling exercise pictured here, but it’s fun to think he might have checked it out.

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