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Route 66 traffic in Saint Louis, Missouri, 1951

This view of  Vandeventer at Tower Grove, taken in Saint Louis at 7:50 am on Nov. 28, 1951, shows us an interesting view of foggy Route 66 morning rush hour traffic, courtesy of Joe Sonderman. The clean Buick fastback stands out in the scene that looks like it it may have been in a gritty part of the city. Tell us anything you can about the vehicles, the location and the familiar looking transit buses seen here.

To learn and see much more about this famed American highway, take a moment to check out Sonderman’s books which are filled with historic photos of this storied and legendary road.

4 responses to “Route 66 traffic in Saint Louis, Missouri, 1951

  1. Snap taken in an area of the near south side of the city. just west of the union station rail yards You can see this viaduct is traversing the rails below. It was a mixed use area mostly light insudtry ,and some housing stock, at the time . Iwas only 6 months old when this was taken. lived about a 15 miles to the WNW. Though I remember going through this area as a kid on Hwy 40 ( now I-64) to go downtown for a variety of reasons. Acyally Rt 66 in St. louis was on Gravois and crossed the Missisippi on ther McKinley Bridge. Alt ’66 was on Lindbergh Boulevard and passed close to where I lived groiwing up. That route continued east on Dunnrd and crossed the Mississipp on the Chain of Rocks Bridge, the famous bridge with a twist mid crossing. I remember my older sister being excited when an episode of the TV series “Route 66” was filmed there in the early 60s.

  2. The Buick is called a Sedanette. I had a 48 Buick Sedanette. Wish I would have bought a 4 door sedan. Hard for people to get in and out of the back seat.

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