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A fine pair of Pierce-Arrow Touring Cars

Today we have a pair of Pierce-Arrows dating from somewhere in the mid-teens to possibly around 1920. The chauffeur-driven five-passenger touring car (above) may turn out to be a Model 38. No further information is with the photo or about the passengers or the location.

The cloverleaf touring car (below), came with the following notation on the back; Cousin Clarence and his car. It is a Pierce Arrow …. …. some folks are too poor to get a Pierce Arrow like cousin Clarences. He is rich and never suffered for anything and never will. By G.W. Wiggins. This car has the appearance of possibly being the slightly larger Model 48, which is equipped with hood louvers.

We are hoping to date and establish the model of each of these cars, so if you can help, please let us know. The photos are courtesy of William Creswell. You can see many more Pierce-Arrow photos here on The Old Motor  and visit with the Pierce-Arrow Society.

4 responses to “A fine pair of Pierce-Arrow Touring Cars

  1. The Pierce on top is a Series 51 (48hp) 4 passenger, not a 5 passenger. The 4 passenger body has no belt molding at the top of the body and is much narrower than the 5. The 4 also has the same cowl as the roadster. The lack of vents in the top of the hood does indicate it is a 1919 or 1920. The hood length tells you it is a 48 (called a 51 in those two years).
    The car at the bottom is also a series 51 (48 hp of 1919-1920). The body was called a “4 passenger roadster” by Pierce – it differs from a cloverleaf as it has back doors. The louvers in the hood were an option and often referred to as a “rocky mountain hood”. The buyer could have the louvers half way, 3/4 of the hood or complete length of the hood like shown here. The hood lining up with the fender/running board seem indicates a 48 hp – the 38 is shorter than the seem and the 66 on earlier models was longer.

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