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Packard trucks delivered by the Citizens Packard Motor Car Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio

The Norwood Transfer Co. owned this Packard truck which was delivered new by the Citizens Packard Motor Car Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio. The company appears to still be in business as freight brokers in Norwood, which is just northeast of the city of Cincinnati.

This is the first truck seen so far in this series of Packard Trucks, that is equipped with what at first glance appear to solid wheels. All of the other trucks that we have looked at so far have been on wood-spoked or a form of wood-spoked cushioned wheels. It also maybe the earliest truck to be seen in this series. Can any Packard truck experts tells us more and also what year this truck is?

Take note of what appears to be a circa 1910 Buick roadster in the window just behind the front of the truck.

For comparison (below) is a later and larger truck, note the this truck is LHD, has a cushion-mounted radiator, hood louvers and appears to be shaft-drive. The Adams Express Company may have been a competing trucking firm in the Cincinnati area.

You can take a look back here on three pages of the Packard trucks photos in this series here on The Old Motor courtesy of Kim Westendorf’s family.

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  1. Sirs: My mother worked for the Atlantic county library system in ,New Jersey in the late 1930’s and into the early 1940’s. She drove the book mobile for the system as one of her library task. She always insisted that one of the book mobiles was a Packard. We have a photo of her standing next to one of the vehicles say around the early 40’s. It appears to me to be a International. My question is it possible that she could really have driven a Packard in that time frame. She left the library in 1943 ,to marry my father and move to Maryland, so we know the truck she drove had to be a pre-war truck , as all civilian production probably ended before 1942. Thanks for any info you can give us were just curious more than anything. Thanks Ken Pace

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