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Sorry Charlie

An early fifties Ford at a typical of the period gas station. This unknown newspaper archive photo is showing an attendant checking the gas level during gas station strike at a station on Greenfield St., Detroit. Photo dated as Apr 30,1952.

4 responses to “Sorry Charlie

  1. ‘Sticking’ the tanks to check the gas level was still a common practice when I worked in gas stations in the mid 60s. Gas stations didn’t change that much until the 80s when they all started going ‘self-serve’ & it became rare to see a gas station that had a repair bay for oil changes ETC anymore.

  2. I, too, used to “stick the tanks” at the DX station I worked at in Shively, KY in the mid-60’s. As a teen-aged pump jockey, I used to dream of the advent of self-service on those cold, rainy/snowy nights! Where I worked, it was mandatory to at least try to get the customer to let us get “under the hood,” and to offer to check the tires, etc.

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