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Happy New Year, let’s make a little old fashioned noise on The Old Motor’s second anniversary

Whenever you log onto to The Old Motor, you just never know what unusual machine you may find, and for this New Years, our second anniversary, we thought it might be appropriate to make a little noise and blow off a little steam.

So instead of an old fashioned New Years card this year (above) you can watch a huge De La Vergne stationary oil engine, with under head valves exercising. It features a 26″ x 38″ bore and stroke and the 20,175 cubic inch single cylinder engine is sure impressive to watch and listen to.

The De La Vergne Engine Works built this 125 HP, 40 ton engine in 1903. It is believed to be the largest running single cylinder four-cycle open crankcase engine in existence;
It is rated at 125 HP and 4100 ft-lbs. of torque at 160 RPM
Runs on kerosene.
The base and cylinder weigh 20 tons.
The dual 9 foot flywheels and crankshaft together weigh 15 tons.
The main bearing caps weigh 700 Lbs.
It was on display at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.

After the 1904 World’s Fair, it was installed in the W.F. Norman Sheet Metal Works in Nevada, Mo. where it was used for fifty years.

It was purchased in 1976 by the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion and moved to their show grounds in Rollag, MN, where it can be viewed every Labor Day Weekend.

Above is some very interesting original footage from Union Pacific of various “Big Boy” steam locomotives in action. The Alco built 4-8-8-4 locomotive is one of the most impressive machines on the face of the Earth. Watch the footage of various Big Boys in action (below) and read of the exciting news from Union Pacific and Trains about how Union Pacific may be bringing back the ultimate steam machine, an Alco-built 4-8-8-4 Big Boy, the last of which steamed more than 50 years ago.

3 responses to “Happy New Year, let’s make a little old fashioned noise on The Old Motor’s second anniversary

  1. Massive big bore “real” steam punk. Don’t know what the hell it does, but yes, impressive. And those great Big Boys are amazing. Again I say (most boringly) keep up the good work.

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