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NYFD film from 1926 takes you on a wild ride to the fire

This is one of two films of the NYFD en route to fire on April 24, 1926. Follow along as Chief Kenlon is filmed driving his Lincoln seen above out of the station. Next you will be taken for a wild ride in a fire truck with a camera mounted on the dashboard (below). The truck first maneuvers through the street but then takes to the sidewalk because of a traffic jam to get to the fire.

The second film you can watch at Live Leak is a longer version, but it also shows how the fire alarm system works and at 6:00 minutes into the film it shows the fire fighters at the warehouse fire.

2 responses to “NYFD film from 1926 takes you on a wild ride to the fire

  1. Unbelievable! The one moron simply stands in front of the engine. It almost looks as if they had to nudge him before he moved, I wonder if they had any kind of a siren, even though the bell had to make plenty of noise. Still, I see very similar things with emergency vehicles trying to get through every day here in the Tampa Bay area when drivers panic or freeze up.

  2. Good Lord, that’s one hairy ride! Through the snow and ice, people all over the street, inattentive drivers and enormous streetcars blocking the way at every turn and oblivious pedestrians….granted they were driving on the sidewalk at the time! With traffic congestion like that, it’s a minor miracle that the whole city didn’t burn to the ground long ago.

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