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The Streets of St. Louis, Missouri in the 1950s

Here are two more interesting photos from Joe Sonderman’s collection, showing us the streets of St. Louis. Above we are looking west on Delmar at 6th. The Greyhound Bus Lines Depot can be seen of the left and an assortment of forties and fifties cars are seen on the street. The newest car that we can spot is a 1956 Chevrolet in front of the Griesedieck Brothers Package Store.

This photo is taken on Vaneventer Ave. between Market and Chouteau also in St. Louis,  but earlier in the 1950s. Check out the interesting signage for Fred Evens Ford and the Griesedieck Brothers beer. Tell us what the newest cars are that you can identify in either photo or anything notable.

The photos are courtesy of Joe Sonderman who has a  Route 66 photo  collection (scroll down) that we have been posting in a series. He has written many interesting books about Route 66, one covering Arizona you can see here.

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  1. The newest cars I see in the bottom picture are the ’55 Pontiac in the foreground and a ’55 Chevy on the curb by the package store. The lower photo can’t be much later than 1950 since the newest I see there is a ’49 or ’50 Ford in the service station lot and I think that’s a 1950 Mercury behind the flatbed truck. It also looks like the streetcar tracks have been recently torn up and the center lanes repaved with asphalt compared to the rest of the street being brick. There were so many brick streets back then. They were almost all torn out by the mid-60’s. Now they are showing up again so I’ve lived long enough to see it come full circle.

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