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The Very Distinctive Dagmar

The Dagmar was a very distinctive automobile that was built by Mathis P. Moller who owned and manufactured the Crawford Car in Hagerstown, Maryland. Dagmar was the name of his daughter and he chose it for a new line of cars that he built between 1922-1926. They were always a distinctive and sophisticated looking automobile that fit right into the “Roaring Twenties “.

In 1924 he landed a lucrative contract to build taxi cabs which along with truck bodies carried the firm thru to the mid-thirties.

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  1. Without the first vehicles ever created, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I’m grateful for all the technology that helped us evolve into what were using today. My father use to have an old vehicle built way back in 1935 but I forget the name. This website has some great facts and images about old vehicles. A++

    Great Article!

  2. Moller produced a range of taxi cabs under many different names – Blue Light, Aristocrat, Paramount, Super Paramout, Astor, Five-Boro, Twentieth Century as well as his own name. The last Dagmar passenger car built was a huge 7-passenger sedan for Moller himself to use for a visit to his native country of Denmark in 1927. Total Dagmar passenger car production was just over 400 cars. In honour of his native country, the first Dagmars had the Danish coat of arms as an emblem, but the Danish embassy in the US objected to it, and it was replaced by a pipe organ, which was Moller’s other business interest in Hagerstown.

  3. My Great Grandfather and Great Uncle were instrumental in the building of this car. Sadly, I do not have as much info as I would like to regarding this. I do have several pictures and my dad has used a Dagmar trunk as a coffee table for my entire life! I would love to hear from anyone who has info, anecdotes, pictures etc. Charles Bikle & Christian Bikle .
    I really look forward to learning more. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

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