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A Four Generation Old Car Family

Good friend Christopher Paulsen is a third generation old car collector and this photo shows his two daughters, Elley who is four years old and Abbey who is nine. They were out for a ride this past weekend in their grandfather Gary Paulsen’s 1912 Brush, which Abbey has found she is able to drive as it is operated by only one pedal and the gas and spark controls are both on the steering column. Gary Paulsen’s parents also toured in brass cars and he is delighted that his grandchildren are interested it it also.


The Brush was produced between the years of 1909-1912 and was touted as being Everyman’s Car. It truly was because it was introduced at a cost of only $500 and served as the perfect car to learn on as it was very simple to operate.

It changed little over the production run other than a two-cylinder engine being offered only in 1908. This four page article from the Dec. 12, 1909, Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal gives you full details of the little car that featured wooden axles and frame. You can also learn more about the Brush automobile here.


Abby and Elley’s Dad Christopher Paulsen teaches at the McPherson College Automotive Restoration Program we are running a benefit for.  The whole family tours in brass era cars regularly with the HCCA.

4 responses to “A Four Generation Old Car Family

  1. What a delightful photo. Young Abbey is obviously enjoying herself immensely. The relatively light effort required to drive the Brush makes it the ideal vehicle to get a small person involved in the hobby.

  2. And why wouldn’t Gary be delighted. Any time you can teach children about history , and they like it, is a good thing. Learn and preserver children, and carry on the tradition. Hey, where are Abby and Elly’s goggles? 😉

  3. We live in Brisbane Australia and own 1 x 1908 and 1 1909 Brush’s great little cars love the photo of the 1912 Brush with the two little girls in charge
    Susan Porter

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