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Ferry Boats and Terminals in Washington State

This set of photos shows us cars waiting and unloading at ferry terminals in Washington State. Some of the photos are believed to have been taken in the Seattle and Bainbridge Island areas. They appear to range from the late thirties on through to the mid fifties.

If you see any noteworthy cars in the photos or can identify and of the locations, please let us know. Photos courtesy of the Benjamin Ames collection (scroll down).


8 responses to “Ferry Boats and Terminals in Washington State

  1. Certainly that Austin Devon in the first pic was a rare sight anywhere in the States back then, but even more so out west, I reckon.

  2. The panel truck in the first photo is an International Harvester Metro whick underwent little change to it’s looks from the 1930s through the 1950s.

  3. The south Vashon Island dock came to mind when I looked at the photo taken from behind the single row of cars. Vashon is a great place. My father bought a 35 Dodge from a Vashon resident several years ago and drove it back to Pennsylvania. That would be something if the same car is in line

  4. Posted for Bill Rabel: The original Black Ball ferry system served the San Juan Islands in Washington State, with access originating at Anacortes, WA. Anacortes itself is on Fidalgo Island, which is joined to the mainland via a highway bridge.

    Black Ball was purchased by the State of Washington circa 1952, and the State operates the system to this day. The Anacortes-San Juan ferry dock was relocated four miles out of town, closer to the islands, in the early 1960’s, as ferry traffic had outgrown the old terminal.This was about the same time that the Evergreen State ferry was launched, which was one the first all-steel ferries built for the state.

    Today, the old dock (seen in your center thumbnail photo) now serves the ferry to Guemes Island, which can be seen in the distance. Before the State moved away from this dock, the Guemes ferry dock was a few blocks to the right (east) of the picture. Newer docks typically have vehicles board in a straight line, whereas the old picture shows the left turn required to drive down the apron to the ferry.

  5. The main shot is of The Leschi, which operated on Lake Washington, near present-day Ranier Beach, where I believe it’s docking.

    That’s a wonderful photo, and it reminds me of the countless miles I’ve logged as a trucker in the Pacific Northwest.

  6. The photo showing the ferry LESCHI and the late ’40 vintage Pontiac and Mercury was taken at the ferry dock located in Kirkland, Washington. The
    LESCHI ran across Lake Washington between Kirkland and Madison Park in Seattle during and after World War II, making its final run on August 31, 1950.

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