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Route 66 photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection

The Jim Culver Sinclair Station is shown (above), which was located at 101 south 2nd street, in Springfield, Ill. Note that there are four attendants and a mobile cash register all ready to serve the motorist.


Left to right (above); Looking east on Route 66, just west of Missouri Route 5 in Lebanon, MO, The Rolla Motel in Rolla, Mo., 1956 and taken from the Court Building in St. Louis, MO., is a view of 11th and Market in the early 1950s.

The photos are courtesy of Joe Sonderman who has a  Route 66 photo  collection (scroll down) that we have been posting in a series. He has written many interesting books about Route 66, one covering Arizona you can see here.

One response to “Route 66 photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection

  1. That Sinclair station sure brings back memories. My dad was personnel manager for the Southwest Division of Sinclair, based in Fort Worth TX. He’d take me and my brother all over Texas and Oklahoma, “inspecting” the Sinclair stations.

    Harry Sinclair had quite a history, including being involved in the Teapot Dome oil reserve scandal.

    I well remember the twin pumps for Power-X and HC grade gasoline. Later changed to Dino and Dino Supreme before their takeover by ARCO (Atlantic Richfield).

    And that wonderful “ding ding” of the driveway bell, to wake the sleeping attendant.

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