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Show ‘Em the Road a 1954 Mobilgas Film about The Youth Safety and Economy Run.

The last few days have been quite a bit of coverage of 1950s cars and we will finish it off with this 26 minute, 1954 Mobilgas Film about The Youth Safety and Economy Run.

It was started by the The Peace Officers Car Club, which involved some twenty cities and towns in the Los Angeles area, retired racing driver Ralph DePalma, local car dealers and Mobilgas. It was an effort to involve the young members of the local car clubs, in safe competition out on the open road.

The run was a two-day and 663 mile route, driving from the Los Angeles area to the Inland Empire, through the desert, to Las Vegas, Nevada, off to Hoover Dam and then an overnight stop in Las Vegas and the run back home again. The photos seen here are a preview of what you will see in the film.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy watching the fifteen new 1954 cars in the run, along with all the other cars and trucks on the road at the time and see flag man Ralph DePalma in action. Don’t miss it as it is interesting and yet corny in a fifties kind of way.


5 responses to “Show ‘Em the Road a 1954 Mobilgas Film about The Youth Safety and Economy Run.

  1. Thanks for the film ! “Corney” is so refreshing these days, and the film is great. I posted your link on the Studebaker Drivers Club site as it seems like there was an abundance of Studes in the film. Keep up the great work, I enjoy The Old Motor every day, John

  2. Corny indeed, but there is a line in this film that is wonderful to hear, yet sad to know it’s fleeting, in my opinion.

    Stating at 13 min. 05 sec. “As the road cut through the broad plans, you felt the tremendous space all around you. A country rolling out to the horizon, and you with it. Twas beautiful, and you sort of sensed the real meaning behind the word, freedom.”

    Freedom. Thanks you Dave for posting.

  3. The thing that strikes me is the camaraderie between the youth and adults. I remember these kind of examples in men. The youth today is missing direction. This film takes me back when I remember the Ministers, school leaders and government that really steered us in the correct direction. The winner of the race achieved 51 mpg? My dad once took the Studebaker on a run, he took it out of gear and told me to watch how far we could roll. We went a long way on those old hard narrow bias ply tires. I sure miss the old car clubs, the scout troop and living in the small town fifties!

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