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“Under The Tread” – How Brunswick Built a High Quality Cord Tire

Once source identifies a design patent for a pneumatic tire from as early as 1845, but their practical application and development by such pioneers as John Dunlop and the Michelin brothers didn’t begin in earnest until many years later. Right up through the First World War, they were still puncture prone and had relatively short life spans. This video of a circa 1934 film from the Brunswick Tire Corporation shows just how rapidly they improved in subsequent years.

Co-incidentally, the J. M. Brunswick Manufacturing Company also opened in 1845 as a carriage builder, but the owner’s fascination with billiards soon caused him to pursue the production of pool tables and other sports equipment instead. Experience gained making bowling balls out of vulcanized rubber led to diversification into a variety of other products in the late 19th century and eventually into tires for automobiles in the early 20th.

Although materials, rubber compounding science and tread design and have come a long way since and the machinery is more modern today, the basic labor intensive production principles remain largely unchanged. Our video courtesy of wdtvlive42.

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