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Model T Mecca

White’s Garage, where!?  West Ossipee, NH does not initially look probable for a thriving Ford garage.  Being on the main trunk road from the Boston area to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, though, it did prosper during the Model T era.  This was also home to the Model T “snowmobile” kit, although you wouldn’t know it from this mid-1920s, non-winter scene.  Can any T enthusiasts tell us when White’s Garage started up, and for how long they operated?

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  1. Posted for Andy Grooten, I was trying to find info on the original owners manual on a 1966 mustang i just purchased and i know the garage was still there on feb. 9 1966. The manual had the dealer and owners info typed into it from the dealer.

  2. I have to tell you I am thrilled beyond words to see a picture of White’s garage. My dad as a young man lived in Ossipee and worked for Virgil White who was also commissioner of motor vehicles for the state of N.H. My mother told me that dad actually had a lot to do with development of the “T” snowmobile but Virgil knew how to proceed to get it patented and I have no proof father was the builder! I can remember as being very young and going into that garage with dad and was facinated by the amount of NOS parts over head on the beams. A lot of discarded parts ended up in the Swift river which runs close by. (I personally saw “T” wheels and other items in the river where it crosses under Route 16. The garage burned pretty bad and was rebuilt and became “Battles Ford” for a short while and I think now is owned by an oil and gas distributor .

      • I made a mistake, the river I spoke of runs close to route 16 but actually runs under route 25 just before it intersects with 16 .

        • that’s so funny u say that they threw nos parts in the river.
          i have found the exacts spot u are talking about.
          we were fishing on that river and noticed what looked like a dump down a embankment. we climed to the top to find a old model T or other old truck. it is still there to this day.
          its sitting about 6 inchs in dirt. looks like it was driven down a road next to the river and ditched, then the road has grown in. its actually called the “bear camp river” and rt. 25 to meredith crossed it coming off rt. 16.
          there is old bottles out there we found.
          i found one old NyQuil glass bottle out there about 3 years ago.
          if u went down the river rite after the bridge on the right there is a big bank on the side of the river, go to the top of the hill and u will see the old truck. i mean the thing still shifted though the gears like it was 10 years old.
          prob been sitting there since 50s or60s

  3. Thrilled to see this great pic of the White’s Garage showroom. The first Snowmobile was patented (and the name trademarked) in the teens from there. Production soon outstripped room in the garage of the dealership and a factory was built on the other side of the road. I’m currently working on an article about the company and would love any info (like Bob Swett’s) to help put pieces together that have been lost in the intervening years.


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