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1932 Guiberson Diesel Aircraft Engine

This is a very interesting radial engine, the 1932 Guiberson diesel. This is an early engine with what appears to be a single intake valve and fuel injection at some point in the intake port. The exhaust may have been thru a port or reed valve in the backside.

The later versions had two conventional valves and also used fuel injection. The company ran one goverment engine tests for one thousand hours which it passed without any pro-blems. They were quite sucessful and were also used in tanks and landing craft during WWII.


3 responses to “1932 Guiberson Diesel Aircraft Engine

  1. The fuel was injected into the combustion chamber at high pressure. The intake vacuum pressure was used to regulate the pressure mostly over a 300 pound per sq/inc. difference. ranging from 2000 to 2500 with normal cruse to high power settings, of 2200 to 2500 psi. Delivered thru. plain steel lines. I believe you will find on this prototype the exhaust and intake were attempted thru. one valve. and the fuel delivered as mentioned. The last time I had my hands on one it was in East Moriches, NY At Ted Kajowskis private airfield about 1970. It was a surplus tank engine in perfect condition.
    They are worth considerable respect even by today’s standards.

  2. In a salvage yard in Russellville Arkansas in 1958 I found a score of these Guibersons new in crates and you could have bought them for a few cents a pound. Does anyone know how they came to such a sorry end?

  3. Looking at a cut-a-way in the Dallas museum we were puzzled by the cam ring arrangement. There appeared to be only one ring, unlike other radials that we have seen and that both intake and exhaust valves were tracking on this one ring.

    The Docent, who was quite familiar with radial engines, and myself, are puzzled as to how this can work with only one track.

    Can someone explain how this worked?

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