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Can You Hear Me Now? 1940 Buick Sound Car

It’s Spring, and they’re starting to come out. If you’re like us here at The Old Motor, you find the thumping, high wattage sub-woofers that so many young guys install in their modern cars incredibly annoying as they roll by on the street with the latest hip-hop song cranked up to “11”.

But in another time, long before solid state electronics and digital recordings, cars and light trucks equipped with enormous loud speakers like the ones seen on this sparkling 1940 Buick roamed the streets of America’s cities and towns, foisting information of all sorts onto an unsuspecting public. Whether it was a movie premier, a political campaign or the price of peas at the local market, vehicles so equipped spread the word far and wide.

We here don’t know exactly what this group of earnest ad men are promoting in this posed shot, but they certainly seem to be hatching a precise plan to target their intended audience. We invite our faithful readers to offer suggestions as to what they were up to. Photo courtesy of the Benjamin Ames collection (scroll down).

2 responses to “Can You Hear Me Now? 1940 Buick Sound Car

  1. Just tonight we were stuck in traffic next to a bozo with the woofers turned on max volume playing the loudest, foulest rap imaginable. I told my wife I wished I had the Dodge from the Blues Brothers with that monster speaker on the roof I could aim at the jerk and blast him out with opera or twangy country music. I do believe this Buick would do the job just as well if they’re still available.

  2. Looks like a golf tournament or selling homes on the land. one has a golf club, and one has a paper that has a heading of golf

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