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A Boston & Maine Transportion Tour Bus on The Winthrop Parkway

The Boston & Maine Transportation Company tour bus, seen here at some point during 1928, is posing on The Winthrop Parkway in Revere, MA. The maker of the bus is a mystery to us that hopefully our readers can clear up. It appears that this bus line may have been a branch of the Boston & Maine Railroad Company, as many early bus lines were part of a rail operation.

The Winthrop Parkway, abutting the coast, is historic in itself, having been built in 1909 as a connector between Winthrop Shore Drive in the south and Revere Beach Parkway and Revere Beach Boulevard in the north. Revere Beach is just north of the city of Boston, Massachusetts and has been a get away location for people living in the area for over a 100 years. You can learn all about the history of  Revere Beach here, which was first served by the narrow gauge Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad in the late 1890’s .

The photo below by Leon H. Abdalian, dated July 7, 1920, is courtesy of Wiki. It shows the Derby Racer roller coaster with its dual tracks and cars next to Revere Beach. Photo at the top courtesy of the Jerry Lettieri collection. The Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society can tell you more about that New England carrier.


8 responses to “A Boston & Maine Transportion Tour Bus on The Winthrop Parkway

  1. I think the B&M Transportion Company coach is a Yellow Coach Type Y touring car. I am not sure what year it is.

    Look at the pictures and brochure here:

    Additional pictures labeled as Yellow Coach Type Y.
    1929 Mitten (Tours) Management Yellow Coach Gas Electric:

    1931 Penn. Motor Coach terminal, 33rd to 34th streets, NYC, showing head view of 1929 Yellow Coach model Y of PRT, Penn. Rapid Transit, fore runner to Penn. Greyhound Linws.

  2. I am not 100% certain but I think the bus is a GMC. General Motors owned Yellow Coach by this time but I think the Yellow radiator was different to this. One for the bus experts.

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