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Bugatti in Boston

These photos, taken May 12, 1926, show the first Bugatti imported into the US. This is a 1913, with engine no. 500 (8 valve, 10hp). While the original owner has not been verified, we do know that in 1915 the car was registered to Ray Slater of Boston. By the time these photos were taken, the car was owned by Gordon Ayer. The location was along Soldier’s Field Road, on the Cambridge-Brighton line. The car has not survived, but remnants of the engine were found in the legendary scrapyard of Mike Caruso in Hicksville (Long Island), New York and survive to the present. Photos courtesy of Sandy Leith.

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  1. I believe the importer was Morris Slater, Ray Slater’s younger brother, a teenager at the time,
    and a student at St Paul’s School in Concord NH. Despite his youth, he had acquired the first Bugatti dealership in this country. He died of pneumonia, age 17, and apparently his sister inherited the Bugatti.

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